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Pulse Rectifier (Transistor Type)

Product Detail Information

1) Summary

  • With just the change of a switch, a choice between standard deadline and high speed pulse method can be made. A control device through a computer program prevents electric circulation failure exhibiting a high standard of reliability.

    Choice in frequency can be clearly known through MS based DIP S/W. The arrangement of components and appropriate selection excludes standard noise and is able to be used at any condition.

    The function assorting the ON TIME, OFF TIME and Peak voltage and electric current is outstanding. Average voltage and maximum voltage can be checked in simultaneously.

2) Specification

  • Input Volt : 3 point 220V 50/60Hz
  • Control : Transistor control method
  • Protection : Over current protection, input imaging, rise in temperature
  • Cooling : dry and cool method
  • Output : voltage, continuous regularity of electric current 10∼100%