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On/Off Pulse Rectifier

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1) Summary  

  • The circulating voltage and electric current and its circulating time and the stopping time may be changed according to one's needs within a varying scope to allow user to match it to the most suitable state.

    In the case of the distance length with opposite poles being far due to a large number of refracted sections in the conversion coating (low electric current section), approximately 1.5 times the normal circulating voltage is added making the circulation smoother and it also prevents damage on the surface's condition and allows for repetitive circulation with a momentary and sustainable termination time in order to control local heat.  

2) Characteristics

  •  DC 12V 2000A 30KW , frequency varying scope 5Hz ∼1KHz , Duty ratio ON TIME 20∼80% At Pulse Mode operation duty ratio 50 : 50 %, rectifier operation rating is 7.5V 1000A.  

3) Detailed Functions

1. S.00:00 : the overall time taken for circulation of rectifier is set and monitored.
2. 100Hz : set the frequency for DUTY 1 CYCLE.
3. D:80% : decide upon the range of the circulation pulse of 1 CYCLE.
(circulation time for each one)
4. Circulation Output Voltage : shows the voltage of the pulse being output from the rectifier.
5. START/STOP : Shows the movement and stationary state of rectifier.

4) Detailed movement content & waveform

Frequency = t1+t2 ⇒ 5㎐ 1KHz when setting frequency the 1 cycle time t1 time and t2 time gets decided automatically. (At this time D50% at time of setting t1 : t2 = 1:1

  • t1 : 1 cycle outputting an electric current cycle, t2 : Output terminating cycle
  • t1 time meaning that the value of a circulation period is able to vary up to 20∼80%.
  • According to duty ratio (D: xx %) t1 time gets controlled, remaining time t2 time 1-(t1xx%)=t2

Ex) At time of setting frequency to 100 Hz, 1 cycle f = 1/t = 10ms
At D=50%, t1 = 5ms , t2 = 5ms
At D=80%, t1 = 8ms , t2 = 2ms *10ms * 80%= 8ms(t1) 10-8=2ms(t2)*


t1 : 0.5ms∼999ms (time variable scope)
t2 : 0.5ms∼999ms
1000Hz ∼5Hz (Frequency variable scope)
20~80% gets set and used regarding T1 of 1 cycle time

5) Preexisting pulse control method and differences 

Function / Section
New Control Methods
Previous Control Methods
Operation method
Convenient keyboard operation
Operation through various switches
Frequency variable
Convenient operation/accurate/outstanding
Turn on from screen and set after movement
Change value of frequency and set
Set after calculations
Set after being calculated individually according to formula F=1/T(t1+t2) ex) t1=5ms, t2=5ms ⇒10ms(1 cycle)
1÷(10/100)= 100Hz
Control circulation period
t1 - D:xx% control
Tutee key 50% : 50% fixed
Control method
Digital accurate control
Impossible for accurate control
through analogue or half digital
Accurate setting possible