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Electro-coloring Rectifier

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1) Summary

  • Although the coloring of aluminum can be divided into a few groups according to the coloring chemicals used, this is an explanation of the alternating power equipment for the most standard method of construction being the SN mixture and Ni separately and also the widely used soluble additives of other substances including boric acid.  


The picture above shows the change in the aluminum surface due to anodizing. In the order of A⇒B⇒C⇒D, it shows the change in the aluminum surface due to anodizing into one that has a hard barrier surface.

The construction of the surface is formed in the film thickness appearance as shown in picture "D". As the film thickness is raised, the depth of the surface increases. Alternating coloring is achieved through infusing ions on the surface which is gained through the film allowing for the desired color.


2) Output waveform

On the inside of the porous layer of the aluminum surface, after anodic oxidation of the film, a sulfuric ion from electrolyte components remains and the film on the porous layer remains with uneven depths. As a result, by allowing a flow of direct current, a path for the current to flow smoothly within the machine is provided together constructing the inside of the porous layer with an even depth. A direct current is circulated as a preparation process for alternating current coloring and around 40~60 seconds of discontinuation time is given terminating the electrochemical operation generated within the surface interior. Next, circulate the alternating current and coloring process takes place with the color being controlled according to the alternating current circulation time. Automation is possible due to the Micro Processor which was developed by our company and designed to maintain the manufacturing of an even color tone.

TA-TB-TC-TD-VB-VD etc has a timer function. A maximum of 89 types of programs are able to be input with a memory of 24 hours in case of blackout.

TA and TC Minimum TIME 30 Sec (Min)
Maximum TIME 300 Ses (Max)
TB and TD Minimum TIME 30 Sec (Min)
Maximum TIME 999 Ses (Max)