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IGBT Rectifier

Product Detail Information

1) Summary

  • A rectifier by PWM control that uses an IGBT device with high frequency switching system at 30~30 KHz

2) Characteristics

  • In comparison to the previous SCR RECTIFIER, it is smaller in size, lighter, minimized sound
  • Highly effective with (over 88 ∼ 95%) saved energy
  • Low reflation (Generating power room loaded condition: under 2%)
  • Able to produce large capacities (over 120kw)
  • Maintenance of equality in the declination of electric currents according to the approval of high density energy

3) Purpose

  • Accurate coating and uniform adherence when coating
  • Aluminum electrolysis, electro-polishing etc

4) Option

  • Digital control methods (PC, PLC control)
  • Control in current failure pressures, current limiting
  • Local, remote control
  • Direct current integration ammeter
  • STEP operation